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Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Originally Posted by SeatBeltWearer View Post
Here here.

You people should keep your mouths shut if you don't have an answer to this question.

I always wear my seatbelt.
This morning, my car stopped recognizing the seatbelt; and now the car beeps to remind me every 20 seconds.

So stop telling us how important it is to wear a seatbelt and tell me how to turn this noise off. It is maddening.

- Ben
That's an easy fix.

Honda seat belts (including the buckle) are covered under warranty for the life of the vehicle.

Take it to the dealer. They will fix it for free. Pretty simple solution to the noise!

They'll also reset your SRS light, since I'm sure it must be on with DTC 9-3 for a left front seat belt buckle switch failure. What's that? Your SRS light isn't on, you say? Well then you must be full of **** and telling a lie to prove some sort of point over the internet. What a lamer you are!

Originally Posted by randerton View Post
This extender clip pops right in the normal seat below buckle and effectively disables the extremely annoying chime while still maintaining the airbag/etc.
Since you seem to be a little too dense to figure this out, I'll give you a clue: The SRS system is designed to work in conjunction with the seat belts, hence the "supplemental" in Supplemental Restraint System. It is not intended to replace the function of the belts. You stand a pretty good chance of getting injured by the airbags if they detonate in a collision while you aren't wearing a seat belt.

This way you can actually use your judgment as to when you wear your seatbelt versus a Honda lawyer or engineer imposing their judgment upon you.

Way to stick it to "the man"! How dare they tell you what to do! Only you can control your own destiny!

Thanks for making us all pay more for insurance, BTW. We love you for it.

I also find it amusing that you paid $20 for that thing over the internet when you could have just stopped by a local salvage yard and picked up a loose buckle tab for a couple of bucks. +1 internetz for your astounding brainpower.

Related anecdote: I was reading a summary of a civil case last month where a deceased man's family was suing Ford Motor Co.; the man was found dead in the passenger seat of his vehicle after he ran it off the road and collided with a tree at approximately 14mph. Apparently, he sustained fatal injuries from the airbag because he was "out of position" in the vehicle when it detonated. The family's attorney was attempting to prove that Ford's airbag was defective or malfunctioning. Ford won the decision when they introduced a key piece of evidence: The guy wasn't wearing a seat belt. Guess why he was out of position?

Sadly, the family's attorney was able to appeal for a re-trial on grounds that the dead man's seat belt use (or lack thereof) was not admissible as contributory negligence, due to a legal loophole for product liability cases. Nevermind the fact that seat belt use is required by law in the state in which this occurred What do they expect to say when the judge asks "Was the man wearing a seat belt?" at the new trial? I know that would be the first question in my head if I were him . . .
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Originally Posted by hometheaterman View Post
On my 06 Accord V6 6speed it beeps if you don't put your seatbelt on it and every few seconds keeps doing it until you finally put it on. It also does this for the passenger. This is very very very annoying. Is there a way to disconnect this or turn it off? I don't often not wear my seatbelt but if I just ride up the driveway or something I don't want this thing beeping the whole way.

What i did for my 08 accord was take a 8" plastic wire tie bend it half for rigidity and poke into the buckle until it pushed the latch to catch. Then all I had to do to actually put it on was push the button. That worked until we had our first baby and my wife started feeding me the guilt trip. So now I mostly wear the belt but it does drive me CRAZY pulling out of the driveway until I put it on.
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

I read this thread and about twenty other threads on how to shut off the annoying buzzer!!! I heard everything from unplugging plugs and putting paperclips to jumper wires to soldering then theres the ho mo seatbelt police that have there two cents!!!! well none of that crap worked except the jumper thing but that may intefere with the airbag not sure on that!!! but you all can kiss my a$$ and give me praise for being the honda seatbelt chime killer!! I know you are all gettin antzy for the answer: THE ANSWER IS YES IT CAN BE SO EASILY DONE WITHOUT NO MODS TO WIRES AND NO JUMPER WIRE CRAP SO HERE GOES THE MILLION DOLLAR ANSWER FOLKS.....ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BUCKLE YOUR BELT HA HAH....JUST KIDDING READ ON I KNOW THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING YOU BUT I HAVE FOUND THE CURE SO WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY PRAISE YOUR ALL MIGHTY CHIME KILLER


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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Originally Posted by cmcfaul View Post
This board is USELESS. A dozen people asked the same questions and all you get are a bunch of old ladys telling me I have to wear my seat belt. The question asked repeatedly was how to turn off the buzzer. No one asked for any other response other then the technical know how of how to disable the buzzer. All you safety fanatics should wear a full body suit every time you walk down the street or sleep in your bed for fear a car might get you. Safety first!

I NEVER wear my seat belt. My decision, none of your business. The buzzer bothers me. I would like to know how to disable it without affecting air bag deployment etc. got a problem with my decision....bite me.

So unless someone can tell me how to turn the buzzer off please save the safety lectures for someone who cares (no one on this board) and keep your oponions to your self. This board is supposed to be usefull and the idiots who posted everything but the answer to question should go away.

So, anyone have the answer? Probably not
try this:
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

In an 87 honda I found the seatbelt chime up in the assembly that is part of the rear view mirror. It was difficult to locate where the chime was coming from because when you move your head around the sound moves too. But when I put my ear up to that spot there was no mistaking. I imagine that some of you are not even goin to finish reading thi
Let the sweet sound of seatbelt chimes being shut off around the country commence
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Greetings all,

So. Not to bring up an old thread, but this applies to most hondas and it really needs to be said after reading everything on this site and others. The first thing I'd like to say after reading all 4 pages of this sad post is:

Grow up people. There are stupid people out there that choose to do stupid things. It isn't your right or your place to determine that the reason they're disabling this is always because they're stupid. For all you know, each and every one of these people want it disabled while they drive around a parking lot for fun. Those of you with your idiotic advice and smartass remarks are ultimately displaying such a low level of intellect that it amazes me you were able to get your license in the first place. Back off it.

To directly answer the question that was asked, There are 3 solutions to this problem... and only three.

1. There is a black cable underneath your drivers seat (brown in some accords). Disconnect this cable and the car will ultimately disable SRS as well as the seatbelt. However. To remedy this, use a paperclip or a stripped wire to connect (on most hondas) the green wire on one side to the black wire on the other. If this isn't your wire setup... I would search for the correct setup for yours. This will enable your airbags again. - You may also have to use the paperclip method to reset the SRS light on your dash. This is not always the case. Any idiot that says your airbag doesn't deploy after you do this clearly doesn't have the guts to try it themselves or the knowledge to be speaking period. I personally had my airbags deply after being hit in the front end in a parking lot. (By the way... no damage whatsoever to me when going 5mph... .. - WHEN you do this though, your airbag will deploy at stage one as if you were wearing your seatbelt as opposed to stage two if you were not. (those stages may be in reverse order actually... I forget.) They will still deploy and you will still have it for impact, but know that this a risk you're taking by doing this with this or the next method. To my knowledge, the SRS light doesn't come back on unless you mess with the paperclip at all. For me, it didn't come on for two years until I pulled the seat forward and the paperclip moved. Then I had to simply reset it again.

2. Trace your seatbelt connector unto a plastic dvd box and cut it out. Use that in place of your selt belt by plugging it into the slot. This will also not protect you from stage one of the airbag deployment.

3. Behind your instrument pannel is the speaker. That's more advanced but if you really want to take the panel out and disable the chime... there are some sort of instructions earlier in this post on how to do so.

These three options are it aside from actually wearing your seatbelt. There are rumors that if you know the right person at Honda they may be able to disable it using the computer... but this has yet to be confirmed. Method one is the best as it still protects you while giving you a way to plug it back in if you want. Everyone worried about everyone else's safety... Please. You could care less about their safety, you just want to run your mouth. Shut it.

Someone please close this thread...
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He knows where you live!
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Which is why you bumped it after 5 months of no one posting?
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

I purchased a seat belt extender for my 2011 insight. It is about 6-8 inches the male end plugs in and NO chimes when i want to wear belt i simply buckle into the female end of the extender or remove extender and lay it beside the seat. when my dog is ridding shotgun i put the extender on the passenger seat and i buckle up and NO chime. It cost me about 29$ but is by far the best solution To get yours google your car and "seat belt extender or extension"
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

That beeping is mad annoying
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

The only thing I don't like about my 06 EX V6 is that chime

Hi Forums, first post
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime? (hometheaterman)

Since you're the only person who seemed to actually say something relative...I have a similar problem and am wondering if you can assist me as well. I have a 1990 honda accord. the drivers automatic sliding seatbelt which is attached to the door broke about 6 months ago. I just unhooked it using the red disconnect button & continued to use the lap belt and not worry about it, well within the past month the beeping started. i can have every seat belt plugged in (including the one that won't slide) and it doesn't matter the beeping continues. i can open and close the drivers door and it will shut off temporarily but then starts up moments later, so this leads me to believe i could either pull a fuse or clip a wire and get it to stop. I initially took apart the door part and couldn't find anything visibly/mechanically wrong. Im pretty handy and cannot find anywhere this exact issue. Can you lead me in a good direction?
Thanks for your time.

Originally Posted by Splaturn View Post
Can't tell you exactly how to do it with an accord, But for the 3rd gen CR-v's you just have to follow the buckle downwards. There will be two wires. Find a way to jump these wires, and it'll close the circuit. A closed circuit turns the light off, and that's what your belt does. It pushes in a little tab that turns the light and the beeping of. Either bend that tab so it's always touching, or jump the wire. Problem solved. Now send the hate mail or hate PM's this way. He asked a simple question...
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

can you just take the fuse out for the beep ? Ive thought of doingthis before.. still havent gotten around to it
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Originally Posted by hometheaterman View Post
On my 06 Accord V6 6speed it beeps if you don't put your seatbelt on it and every few seconds keeps doing it until you finally put it on. It also does this for the passenger. This is very very very annoying. Is there a way to disconnect this or turn it off? I don't often not wear my seatbelt but if I just ride up the driveway or something I don't want this thing beeping the whole way.
Where your seat belt you idiot, the beeping noise is there for a reason...

Darwinism at work?
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

There's a cost and tool free fix for this, buckle the **** up!
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

May I suggest that you all stop calling people who want to disconnect the stupid seatbelt chime all sorts of things?? I have a job (one of three) delivering newspapers to newsstands one night a week. Newspaper delivery persons and various other delivery people are not required to wear the seatbelt since they are frequently getting out of the vehicle and it would be a real pain to disconnect and re- buckle every time, like at every house.
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

you dont. You leave it the hell alone and thank Honda for keeping your dumb *** skull in place. Hope you have spare keys and never need the airbag.

Newspaper guy...use seatbelt extender, or buckle up and throw harder.
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

It could be worse.In 1973 seat belts had to be fastened before your car would start.I wonder why they just did that for one year?
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

Unplug it. Under the seat there is a cable with 2-3 wires. Pop it off with one of those mini promotional screwdrivers (you know, the ones that come in handy for pretty much everything)
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Default Re: Can you turn off seatbelt chime?

We certainly do live in a "nanny" state. No one knows how to turn off a seat belt chime but the majority want to live your life for you.
Is there someone out there with technical wisdom rather than social and political correctness?
How do you turn off the stupid chime?
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