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Check Engine Light on for 96 Honda Accord EX

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Default Check Engine Light on for 96 Honda Accord EX

Today I drove my 1996 Honda Accord EX to home on freeway. The Check Engine Light suddently turned on. But All other gages and lights were normal. Also I didn't feel any difference after Check Engine Light on. After I got home I check around under hook and couldn't find any problem. Then I removed Backup fuse to reset Check Engine Light. Then I turned the engine on the Check Engine Light never stay on again. I tried to drive around about 20 minutes and Check Engine Light still was off at all time. Does this mean that no any problem with engine and I don't need to worry about it? Can I still ask repair shop to check OBDII trouble code for it? Thanks a lot!
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Default Re: Check Engine Light on for 96 Honda Accord EX

Probably the O2 sensor or EGR insufficient lift error. If your local repair shop will scan it for free I would go that route. If not all you need is your keys and a paperclip to read the basic codes yourself.

Despite what some may say you can use the SCS short (paperclip) method to retrieve the OBD codes on the 96-97 Accords.

In my 96 the blue (service) connector is under the dash.
You can still get the basic 1 & 2 digit error codes (Flashing CEL codes) from the OBD2 ECU using the service connector method.

Under the glove box, The SCS is in a plastic cover/bracket

pull it down from under the dash

and remove it from the cover/bracket.

This is the connection that you have to jump with a wire/paper clip. After you short the two connections turn your ignition to the on position (engine not running) and start counting the number of times the Check Engine Light (CEL) flashes.

If there are no diagnostic trouble codes stored, the CEL will not flash.

The pattern of flashes indicates a one or two digit numeric code.
The first digit of the code is represented by long flashes.
The second digit of the code is represented by short flashes.

For example,
4 long flashes followed by 5 short flashes = code 45.
1 long flash followed by a pause = code 10
9 quick flashes would be a code 9.

If there is more than one DTC stored, the CEL will display them in sequence,with a pause between them.


3 long, 4 short .....pause...... 4 long, 1 short......pause.... 2 long 2 short = Tells you that there are 3 codes stored. 34, 41 & 22

It will continue to repeat all the same codes for as long as you have the self diagnosis connector shorted. Record and double-check all codes displayed.

You will need to use the Honda OBD1 code list. It is posted here on H-T a number of times. You can find them using the search function.
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