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98 Accord V6 EGR problem

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Default 98 Accord V6 EGR problem

I had the "engine" light come on about 6 months ago. I had Autozone check the code. It came up "EGR valve insufficiant flow" or something close to that. I bought an EGR vavle factory direct off of ebay and put it in. I cleared the code (disconnect battery). But after driving a few miles the light came back on. I had Autozone check it again and it came back the same. What am I missing? It is just a plug and 2 bolts.
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Default Re: 98 Accord V6 EGR problem (tjlmbklr)

That's a common problem for V6 Hondas. There's a simple repair procedure though.. All you have to do is clean out the EGR port on the intake manifold. To do this you'll have to remove the intake manifold from the head and drill out the clogged EGR port. If you go to a Honda dealer, they'll check to see if you're still covered under that extended warranty. If not, it'll cost you some good money. Might as well do it yourself. The dealer will usually sell you a kit that needs to be installed. I find it much better if you just drill out the clogged port. There's really no difference in installing the stupid kit. I've seen cars come back 50K miles later clogged again.. So save yourself some money just clean out your own EGR port..
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Default Re: 98 Accord V6 EGR problem (tjlmbklr)

Here's some more help for you.
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