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I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student..

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Default I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student..

After two years of working in a kitchen at a golf course, I finally got fed up.

I forgot to make a customer his food, and 20 minutes later he came up to the counter saying:

Him: You got my food I ordered 20 minutes ago?
Me: I don't remember taking an order.
Him: **pissed off**
Me: Sorry, that happens once in a while.
Me: I really don't care.
Me: **Interrupt him** **** YOU!

I waved my middle finger at him when I walked away. Then I had my boss take him his food..

I'm sick of that place. I've worked there for TWO years and never had a raise. **** them. I've been warned before about being an ******* to customers, but I just can't help it. I take it personally.. so I decided to put in my 2 weeks notice before that customer had a chance to talk to the Golf pro manager about me. I dated the termination sheet for a day before the incident so it wouldn't hit my employment record.

I just started college...I'm going broke FAST and it's not even my last day at work yet. I have about 1000$ left for car payments to tide me over untill I get another job. It's so hard to find a new job when you've never had to face it before. I've always had a job no matter what. Now I have to go looking for a new one..

I have to buy 2000$ worth of tools for my Automotive class (at a 55% discount!! so about 4000$). Luckily my parents will help me out some with that... but it's stressfull trying to round up money from divorced parents.

I have to buy books for classes next quarter, so I better have a good job by then. I'm taking 26 credits btw.

I have to get my JDM engine into my hatchback soon because it's just sitting in the back of my parents suburban. They don't want it in there for much longer. Don't know when the !@$!@$!@$!@$ that's gonna happen.. maybe I'll wait untill I get all my tools..

Life sucks sometimes.

On top of that, I have to interview 5 people for a project in my Automotive class due friday. That means I have to bug the **** out of service managers, technicians, etc for a chance to ask them some questions. I am NOT good at talking with people and interviewing someone. God that's gay.

I've been through worse, but this sucks right now.
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Default Re: I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student.. (Nameless)

heh, I'm already broke. Got no job, college student. But I got a fast internet connection, Anime Planet, and Honda Tech, so I'm good to go!
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Default Re: I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student.. (Akuma)

I know how it feels man...I have no job, and college sucks, but I still have to go...
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Default Re: I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student.. (prelude1897)

me too.. i got fired from a really good job on campus which pays me to do jack **** all day ... i'm still depressed over that.

i been living on my own for almost a year now since i got that job... now i'll have to ask my parents for financial support... feeling really guilty about that.

ohwell, tomorrow i got an interview at a place where i gotta drive an hour to and from, pays less than my old job, and does more work... but guess i gotta do what i gotta do...
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Default Re: I'm going broke, I lost my job, unemployment, college student.. (prelude1897)

I've always wanted to just got get a BS job, keep it for 2 weeks, and then to do to a customer. LOL
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