how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi? - Honda-Tech

how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi?

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Default how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi?

just wondering. just picked up a 96 LS motor for a fair price and was just gonna swap into an ef 91 four door civic and boost with stock bottom end for awhile. Or would you guys just go ahead and build it up and run high boost? I heard that with just the LS motor and turbo in a little civic like that would be fast anyhow. I'd be happy with mid to high 12 sec. 1/4 mi. run. Just a project car. Anyone else done an LS sawp in a four door ef civic before? I think it'd be cool and different as opposed to a hatchback. And I think that I could pick up an 88-91 4-door civic for pretty cheap.
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Default Re: how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi? (2K Teggy)

With "GOOD" tuning you can boost that puppy pretty high. I've seen as much as 20psi on a bone stock LS motor. That was tuned with Hondata.
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Default Re: how much boost (SRT4)

well......we need a little more specific information on your future setup..for example:

1. What kind of turbo

2. What kind of fuel management

Most LS guys go with a large turbo....t3/t04e is a popular turbo or the SC50,SC34, so forth....I'd say to beable to run 12s on a stock LS bottom end...pushing 1 bar(14psi) is realistic...and reliable considering the motor is healthy and tuned well. But that leads to another dilemma...what do you consider reliable? Yes the b18b can handle 1 bar, assuming good tuning. But how long would it last...probably not as long as the same motor holding all other inputs constant pushing say 7psi instead of 14psi.

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I run my 4door 88 b18b 16g at 7psi. I dont have time yet, but its kinda fast. Its depends on what was your other car..If you always drive your mom's auto-DX, then all will be fast to your eyes.
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Default Re: (FAUCON)

The amount of boost won't play a role in how long the motor lasts. The type of tune you have will (AKA you must get it tuned, just you have to decide what you want) Either a lot of boost and not alot of timing, or less boost and more agressive timing. The more timing you run, the more power you will make, which will crack the ringlands faster.
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Default Re: how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi? (2K Teggy)

A motor withstanding a certain amount of boost really depends on the condition of the internal parts b18b was once someone else's swap (sprayed w/ nitrous) and I cracked the #2 cylinder wall boostin' @ 19psi...Not all Motors are the same!!!
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Default Re: how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi?

I always say that with Tuning, you effectively push ur limitations..

I've SEEN 20 pounds on a Stock motor WITH Tuning and Full Turbo Set up (Intercooler and all)..

But as many stated, the reliability of such a set up will vastly depend on the tune and the motor itself conditionwise..The Stock LS Block is pretty friggen durable and handles boost well, but reliability will vary motor to motor.
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Default Re: how much boost (turbo) can an LS B18B1 motor handle in stock form? 10 to 12 psi?

threads like these have been covered. you have your answer. please on future threads, look at the faq's and search for your answer.
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