Another NSX Bites the Dust (Hard to Watch…)

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Yesterday, you all probably saw a video floating around various social media outlets showing a red NSX on silver Enkei RPF1s casually crossing an intersection somewhere in Westminster, CA eventually getting t-boned by a Lexus RX SUV running a red light. Witnessing a car get hit by another is never a pleasing sight to see, but it’s even worse when the car getting hit is the coveted NSX. Luckily the original poster of the video, Sammy Manivong was recording the whole incident before his very eyes. Before the crash happened, he spotted the NSX and decided to bust out his phone to capture the the red beauty drive pass. Sadly, the NSX never made it safely across the intersection.


Let’s all have a moment of silence for another fallen NSX…

The video can be viewed on Sammy’s Facebook post here: NSX Crash

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